Rob Heritage
Rob Heritage

I'm Rob Heritage, a creative freelance web designer and developer from Northamptonshire in the UK

my professional life

I have been making websites for over 10 years, I caught the bug during my college years and made simple little websites mainly for family friends. After graduating from University however I had to get serious ... real world and all that ... so I got a job as a web developer for a company in Northampton where I have been since 2008 and now work on a system used by some of the best independent schools around the world!

Responsive Design

I still enjoy making websites today though, only now I do them freelance in my spare time! I pride myself on using the latest in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with the ever popular JQuery library. All of my websites now encorporate "Responsive Design" meaning it scales up/down for any screen size including tablets and mobile phones, and considering over 55% of all web users in 2013 used a mobile phone to browse the web, it's quite an important feature for your site to have!

Try resizing your browser window to see responsive design in action!

my personal life

Guitar Player

In my spare time I am a keen guitarist. I have been playing guitar for over 6 years now and I love it, music is how I socialise whether it's playing in a band or watching a band, you just can't beat the atmosphere of live music in my opinion! I play in a couple of cover bands in and around Northamptonshire, entertaining punters in pubs and clubs with a selection of great britpop/indie/rock songs!

Motorbike Racing

When I'm not playing guitar and the weather is nice (not often!), you can find me riding and even racing my motorbike! I got in to motorbikes at a young age as my dad was in to bikes and started racing them. I soon got the bug and by 16 I was racing alongside him. We raced for a few years before having to give it up, it's an expensive hobby unfortunately! However, I am now getting back in to it and will be racing my bike this year. I just hope I can stay on the thing a bit more this time!

some of my work

Check back soon to see some of my latest work.

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